Choosing the right caterers for your wedding is so important, we use catering companies that we have tried and tested and know that they deliver the best quality in food, presentation and service. Whatever style of food you require we will be able to deliver a chef that you click with and feel comfortable for them to work with you to execute just the right food for you wedding day.

Silver Service Or Buffet

Buffets are more informal way of serving at your wedding and Silver service is a very formal way of dining and creates a form of sophistication, what ever you choose for your big day presentation is equally important.

Menu Selection

Once you have selected the catering company that is right for you we will organise a tasting session for you to select your menu, this is a fun part of the process and you can bring along a few friends.  The chef will prepare a selection of starters, main course and deserts to choose from.

Personal Touches

Why not add a personal touch to the menu either a signature drink that you both like or a menu that you had when you were engaged or a menu you had on your first trip abroad something that is uniquely you.

Food Presentation

The presentation of the food is really important from the table layout to how its served to you, we will work with the caterers to ensure that it is presented the right way that suits your theme.  We will carefully select the right plates, bowls, glasses napkins etc to ensure it feels right for you.